We speak for our Oceans and Planet earth.
We design and make recycle and sustainable products to make a better environment since 2015. 

OUR MISSION? To reach any part of the planet to remind you to treat Mother Earth kindly and with respect and spread love during this challenging journey. We are self funded an independent.

OUR STORY WE were born in NYC during mid Summer 2015, after a cross country Coastline Tiki Road Trip. Rebranded in Bali in January 2016 when falling in love on the first visit. Presently we are reaching out globally our mission message.

WHY? Because we care and so should you. By the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Is this the planet we want to live in? Only 15% of the plastic we use gets disposed, even if it gets disposed carefully.
The only SOLUTION is not to use it. During our travel explorations from North America, Central America & Asia, we have seen how big corporations, including big industries do not care about our planet.

Our pollution problems in the world are the worst since 2000. and will continue if we don't do something about it. Currently in Asia, we have seen the biggest problem. Garbage is piling up and being burnt and we are all inhaling all the fuels, which cause deadly diseases. Educate yourself. Help us reduce the use of plastic all over the planet.

Do your part as little as it maybe, it all counts. There's endless ways to eliminate plastic usage or reduce, reuse from your life. Read, educate yourself. Get involved. @byebyeplasticbags Watch documentaries. ( @bluethefilm2017 Take a pledge daily and change old habits with new ones.
A few to start:

1️⃣Say no to plastic straws
2️⃣Give up bottle waters
3️⃣Carry Tote bags
4️⃣ Let go of frozen foods - They all use plastic
5️⃣ Buy recycle and sustainable products
6️⃣ Buy fresh products in markets without plastic wrap
7️⃣ Use reusable containers
8️⃣ Don't buy chewing gum
9️⃣ Choose plastic-free camping equipment
1️⃣0️⃣ Find new ways everyday to use less plastic. We can't do it all alone.
United we can make a difference. (Thanks for reading). 😊🙏🏻🌺♻️🌺 #TIKIYOGI #werecycleforacleanerenviroment #recycle #bali @ Bali, Indonesia


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