Celebrate Earth Day today and every day!

Celebrate Earth Day today and every day!

Sometimes reducing your carbon footprint can be a difficult and daunting task. Here are small actions you can try on your new - or steadfast - journey to living more sustainably. Small actions make a big difference. Pick a couple to try below to get started.

1. Turn off lights each time you leave the room
2. Use energy-efficient light bulbs at home, school, and office 
3. Take the bus or train
4. Walk, use a scooter, or ride a bike 
5. Join or organize a carpool
6. Join a car cooperative
7. Eat meat-free meals once a week
8. Buy local and in-season food whenever possible
9. Ask for local, organic, and fair-trade food on campus
10. Use a reusable coffee mug and supermarket bag 
11. Avoid using disposable plastic and bring your cutlery/chopsticks/cup/Tupperware 
12. Use a stainless steel water bottle instead of a plastic one.
13. Line-dry your laundry
14. Purchase used furniture, clothing, school supplies, and books 
15. Print Double-Sided
16. Buy 100% recycled paper
17. Support local businesses and ethically made products
18. Buy 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products and toiletries
19. Be sure to recycle and compost correctly
20. Support sustainable products

Share what you learn with family and friends. 

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