Our Green Leader of The Month

Our Green Leader of The Month

Our Green Leader of the month. Meet Nzambi Matee, a Nairobi-based entrepreneur and inventor, developed a prototype machine that turns discarded plastic into bricks. The machine can produce up to 1,500 bricks per day. ⁣ Nzambi founded Gjenge Makers (@gjenge_makers ), a company that addresses the pressing issue of plastic waste in Nairobi. The plastic waste Matee's team uses is the type of waste that can't be recycled anymore.⁣ ⁣ The waste is crushed into small pellets, sorted according to color, mixed with sand and the desired color pigment — before being taken onto the production line where they are molded and put into a hydraulic press.⁣ For the three years it has been in operation, the team has recycled 20 metric tons of plastic and aims to push that up to 50 metric tons before the year ends. Their clients include schools and homeowners. ⁣ The bricks come in an array of colors including but not limited to red, blue, brown, and green. The bricks are incredibly strong — tested to hold twice the weight threshold of concrete blocks. Gjenge Makers has generated 112 job opportunities for garbage collectors, women and youth groups.

To learn more about Nzambi's eco-bricks, visit their website at https://gjenge.co.ke⁣ Lead by example. Share with us what you are doing to help to make a more sustainable planet and we can share your story.

Did you know that for every eco-friendly product you have purchased from us since 2015, we have remove approximately 12 plastic bottles per each item, that's a lot of plastic in 5yrs, but who's counting. There's so much more we can be doing. But every effort counts.

Thank you for your support, as we continue our mission in making a better planet by designing and making eco-friendly products. To learn more about @tikiyogi click the link in our bio or register to our newsletter directly on our homepage, and never miss a new product release or store event. TIKIYOGI.COM

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