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Brand Ambassadors

Our hand-picked ambassadors spreading their love of wearing TIKIYOGI.

Angel Bali (France, Paris)
Wearing The V Bella Hibiscus full piece Reversible Swimsuit
Bali, Indonesia

Danny Montenegro
Wearing our Men's Black Organic T
Miami, FL

Courtney Fulton
Health + Fitness Traveler
Styling our Mar Por Vida signature print Eco-Active lifestyle shorts and Mar Por Vida reversible top. 
Miami Beach, FL

Madison Napoles
Fashion Model + Lifestyle Blogger
Styling our Eco-curve defining two piece Bikini. 
Miami, FL

Jody Lynne 
DJ/Producer - Amsterdam
Styling our Tropic Bella Cutout Limited Edition Swimsuit.
Finns Beach Club, Bali

Celeste Siam - Asia top Female DJ/Producer
Styling our Limited Edition
TIKI Totem print, Eco-Active Lifestyle reversible Top at her debut at 
Club Jenja, Bali
Photo courtesy by: The Beat Bali Live

TJ. Huang 
Traveller Writer Magazine
Styling our classic TikiYogi Eco
Yoga-Surf bikini top for Condé Nast Traveller Magazine. 
Canggu, Bali

Jyoti Murray
Yoga teacher 
Styling our classic TikiYogi Yoga-Surf hibiscus bikini top and hibiscus tights for Bali Interiors Magazine.
The Practice Canggu, Bali

Lesly Damai - Wanderlust Yogi
Styling our classic TikiYogi
Yoga-Surf Bali dreaming bikini top and 
eco-tights for Bali Spirit Festival.
Ubud, Bali

Yoga Teacher/Owner of Ayama Yoga Studios.
Styling our classic TikiYogi 
Bamboo Men's shorts.
Miami, Florida