TikiYogi® Eco Detox Sunny Isles, Florida

TikiYogi® Eco Detox Sunny Isles, Florida offers you the opportunity to nourish and cleanse your body and mind through the detox energy healing experience. Tailored with daily yoga routine, tailored nutrition, juicing and learning sustainable principles to help make a better planet. Learn about nutritional therapy and life coaching, enjoy guided yoga lessons, energy balancing and how to live a more fulfilling life.

This TikiYogi® Eco Detox Sunny Isles, Florida program is perfect if you want to improve your life, lose weight, increase your health, happiness levels and learn how you can make a better planet by learning the principles of sustainability. Experience this detox with your partner, friends and feel refreshed inside and outside.

Our unique detox program focuses on the following principles for success.

-Mental Fitness
-Long term goals
-Energy Healing
-Coaching one on one or small groups
-Detox (one on one consolations are available including life coaching, which will help reach your goals by providing you with personal experience, tools and designed a program that fits your individual needs).
-Learning and practicing the principles of sustainability Living

Sunny Isles, Florida. Depending on your goals.
Private and group rooms with ocean view. You can make a selection by privately sending us a message if you preferred to be alone during at night or share bedtime your space with a roomie.
We find that experiencing a Detox program with others, allows you to stay on track. We call it the buddy system.

Educating you in the proper yoga, improve overall flexibility and strength.

For most intermediate, the major roadblock to advancing your skill is in your head. Blending breath work – learning how to control your breath in uncomfortable situations, building a core mental approach to situations. Unleash your potential not only in your daily life, but also in all stress type situations in life. We are here overcome your fears.


4 - 5 days with instruction in English/Spanish
Airport transfer included: Miami/ Fort Lauradale 
Private or group accommodations are available, including breakfast, group dinners, single or group explorations packages available.

Because we are wellness experts over 25 years of experience, certified. and we will share our personal experiences, from how to break bad habits, helpful tools, success stories. Our program has been designed by everyday lifestyle athletes, coaches, yoga teachers, that have combined their personal challenges, studies to create a very transparent space for those who need to find a purpose, direction or to take their next level of their life, that they could never have imagined.

We want you to reach your maximal potential and we are here to help you to reach your goals. So you can take back home the tools, that you need to stay on the path to living a life full of energy and happiness.

Please pm or contact@tikiyogi.com for any further assistance. 🌺